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Trust – How to apply for distribution

It is necessary to apply for distribution of a Quotient by a perfectly filled in, i.e. completed Application Form, whereas the Quotient will be distributed during the month following delivery (this only applies during an announced distribution period).

The Application must be filled in legibly (preferably in capitals), with no overwriting or crossing out and in accordance with personal data (date of birth, first name, family name, permanent address) as stated in the identity card of the applicant.

The signature of the applicant or his/her representative on the Application must be authenticated by a notary public. The requested authentication must include the so-called apostille clause or super-legalization, which must be subsequently officially translated to the Czech language. These legal transactions are not necessary if authentication of signature is made e.g. at the Embassy of the Czech Republic or directly in a notary public's office in the Czech Republic.

A representative of a company is obliged to substantiate his/her authority to represent with an original or authenticated copy of a valid excerpt no older than 3 months from the register of companies in the country in which the company is registered. If the excerpt does not specify who is authorised to act on behalf of the company, the notary authenticating the required signatures on the Application must state that these persons are authorized to act on behalf of the company. However, also in this case the excerpt from the register of companies must be enclosed to the Application.

A proxy (Agent) of a company or of a natural person will prove his/her authority to represent by an original or authenticated power of attorney.

The above documents must be in Czech language or officially translated to the Czech language.

The filled in Application is to be sent to:

TASAX s.r.o.
P. O. BOX 191
170 04 PRAHA 74


The distribution of a Quotient in the Trust is performed according to the database which contains each person on whose account shares of HPH, ISIN CZ0009086708 were registered in the Securities Centre, Czech Republic, on 4 Dec 2002.

In case of changes since that time, relevant documents must be enclosed to the Application, e.g. in the following situation: